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Charriol Ironwatch - Green, Fairway and Club House

May 2006

Inspired by the world of golf, Charriol has created a line of emblematic watches characterized by their design and concept.

Reflecting the spirit of an iron, an indispensable part of any golfer's equipment, the creation of the Ironwatch was driven by the ambition to present a product featuring an aesthetic appeal that sets it apart from traditional watches on the market, yet benefiting from avant-garde technologies for its development and production.

Slightly curved, generously sized, and outrageously asymmetrical, the case of the Ironwatch is carved from steel. The decorated rubber strap, inspired by golf club grips, further enhances its sporting appearance. The original positioning of the hours distinguishes the crafted dials. The 12 o’clock – 6 o’clock axis is not lined up with the strap, yet it is exactly perpendicular to the 3 o’clock – 6 o’clock axis, as well as to the crown, which is particularly well integrated into the case. While one soon becomes accustomed to this distinctive characteristic, it may be disconcerting for someone trying to read the time over your shoulder or unobtrusively. An interesting new way of retaining exclusive rights over one’s time! Its stud-shaped hour-markers, also reminiscent of the decorative motif on irons, stand out against a striped background in a choice of silver, black, or even a “Green†version with a matching black strap, for those who really want to play the game!

The Ironwatch will be available exclusively from the 70 Charriol boutiques as well as in certain pro shops hand-picked from among the world's most prestigious clubs, so as to safeguard the selective character of this sporting universe.

In order to personalize these watches, the case-back has an area specifically intended to carry the coat-of-arms or logo of any of the clubs partnering Charriol.

Equally daring and unconventional accessories will round off the new Ironwatch world: belts with king-size Ironbuckles, Ironcufflinks, Ironsunglasses, and Ironpaperweights.

Designed in a spirit that is both sporting in terms of its technical qualities, reliability and sturdiness, and playful by its concept and its appearance, Ironwatch is a watch for pleasure and relaxation – a model that is a humorous token of recognition among devotees sharing the same passion.

Source: Charriol