VINTAGEMANIA - My own private frankenwatch

VINTAGEMANIA - My own private frankenwatch
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By browsing the many vintage watch websites, it’s possible to select exactly the elements you want, and build your very own unique Frankenwatch.

Obviously, you will need some basic watchmaking knowledge and a good grasp of sizes if you are going to be able to slot your chosen movement into your preferred case, select a dial that fits with the hands, top it all off with an appropriate crystal affixed with the corresponding joint, find the right crown and put the whole thing together. Good luck with that. Here are some examples to get you started.

Oh, and why not have fun calculating how much your beloved Frankenwatch has cost you? (We know… you can’t put a price on vintage chic.) Happy shopping! (Examples from

VINTAGEMANIA - My own private frankenwatch

The finished article: a ROMEGAPASHA & PHILIPPE driven by a powerful Lemania calibre, for a total cost of €3,433. (The Europa Star editorial team declines all responsibility for verifying the compatibility of the components.)

Source: Europa Star June 2016 Magazine Issue

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