The Rosendahl design company re-launches Arne Jacobsen's clocks

June 2009

Arne Jacobsen's unique wall clocks were originally designed for striking buildings in Denmark - The “Roman”for Aarhus City Hall (1942), the “City Hall” for Rødovre City Hall (1956) and the “Bankers” for the National Bank of Denmark (1971).

Acclaimed in Denmark and internationally, the renowned designer and architect Arne Jacobsen was a master of total design. All disciplines were involved in the creation of his major projects, from architecture to interior design, furniture design and graphic art.
The whole became visible in the detail and the detail in the whole.


Arne Jacobsen's architecture and design attracted attention everywhere. The magical thing about it is that it continues to do so. Good design is characterised by the ability to reach beyond the moment and continue to fascinate people. The Rosendahl design company has now created replicas of these wall clocks that are entirely faithful to Arne Jacobsen's original drawings.


Source: Rosendahl
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