Introducing the Jacob & Co. Brilliant Pocket Watch Pendant

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December 2017

The New York based jeweler’s latest limited edition release is yet another example of a brand that is increasingly legitimizing its approach to watchmaking, even when jewelry is concerned.

Introducing the Jacob & Co. Brilliant Pocket Watch Pendant

Pendant watches have been making something of a comeback over the last year or two. Just like a reviving interest in pocket watches for the gents, ladies’ pendant watches are also part of the retro revival we’ve been seeing recently.

In a move that captures the best of both worlds, Jacob & Co. has released the Brilliant Pocket Watch Pendant. As the name suggests, it is one part pendant and one part pocket watch. That also means that it is one part timekeeper and one part jewelry piece.

Introducing the Jacob & Co. Brilliant Pocket Watch Pendant

Now, we’ve seen some impressive pieces in this category – the offerings by Harry Winston come to mind – but this piece arguably strikes a better balance, comparatively speaking. That’s because it is as much about showcasing the mechanical execution as it is about design and flash.

On the one hand, we get an impressive show of 269 gemstones that adorn the 42.5mm case, crown and buckle of the piece.

The skeletonized manual wind movement JCAM01 promises up to 46 hours of autonomy and delivers the serious mechanical watchmaking to harmoniously balance the gemstones and fine finishing on the case.

Introducing the Jacob & Co. Brilliant Pocket Watch Pendant

On the other hand, we get the open-worked anthracite movement, which itself boasts a rose gold finish that is contrasted by bold hands.

What I particularly like is that the movement looks like it has been suspended within the case, thanks to the clever incorporation of a distinctive balance bridge and the placement of the balance at 6 o’clock, which brings more transparency to the watch overall.

Introducing the Jacob & Co. Brilliant Pocket Watch Pendant

I only have one and a half qualms with the Brilliant Pocket Watch Pendant. One is that it is only a limited release of 101 examples, which means that it will most probably be gone in no time with the gift-giving season fast approaching.

The other half is that it does not come with an option to also be worn as a wristwatch. That would have made it a proper triple threat - as a wristwatch, pocket watch and pendant watch. But perhaps I’m asking for too much there.