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Europa Star’s network of international editions:

EUROPA STAR GLOBAL - 5 X per year - English
Europa Star main publication provides a unique global coverage throughout all world markets to the entire sales channels for branded watches and their consumers. Europa Star Global is published in Switzerland with our local & international team bringing the essential watch news to the world capitals and newly developing areas. Delivered regularly in each market to professionals and consumers by personal and individual mail - key retailers, major brand distributors, boutiques, collectors, aficionados and watch lovers - in more than 170 countries around the world.

EUROPA STAR PREMIÈRE - Switzerland, 5 X per year - French
The publication circulates to the Swiss watch network ecosystem - from watch retailers, boutiques, and watch brands to bankers, lawyers, insurers, financial advisers, auditors, designers, engineers, consultants, academics, all individual stakeholders of the business, SMEs and Group CEOs, as well as the major actors in the service companies such as aviation and private jets, hotels, leisure & culture.
All of these interested parties and VIPs have both a professional and personal interest in watches and the watch business.

Chinese simplified print edition + Web in traditional and simplified Chinese.
An ideal combination of print and e-media products that cover Chinese watch buyers and aficionados, as well as key business actors daily engaged in the development of the “Greater China” market. Embedded in a new concept in targeted media communication, the edition for China vehicles brand images and major developments on the Chinese market through five yearly print edition plus on Internet available 24/7. The publication promotes watch brands and their products over the Chinese markets, in Mainland China, Hong Kong and Macao. / Chinese simplified / Chinese traditional

The US edition of Europa Star provides the world watch news to the global North American network of aficionados through print and e-media. The edition circulates bi-monthly to 10,000 top US retailers, distributors, boutiques & aficionados. USA Watch Aficionado brings the Swiss and global perspective of the international watch brands to the world’s largest single market. The US edition is a must-read for all educated watch aficionado in North America.

Europa Star WorldWatchWeb

Europa Star’s WorldWatchWeb network is supported by the following websites: / (Russian)
bulletin d’informations)

365 days per year - English - French - Chinese simplified - Chinese traditional - Spanish - Russian. The global communication network of Europa Star websites is unique in the watch and jewellery trade and the number one channel to disseminate information to the entire range of business buyers, consumers and aficionados worldwide. Published in five of the world’s most spoken languages, our platform provides a constant communication link between the leading brands, their business channels and their consumers worldwide.


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Read our history in a digital issue
Read our history in a digital issue
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Europa Star dates back to 1927 when Hugo Buchser, its founder, was a young and enthusiastic entrepreneur with a passion for watches. He launched a guide for watch buyers which soon became an essential tool for the entire watch industry. A seasoned traveller and globetrotter, he voyaged around the world, creating a network of magazines which would promote the watch industry worldwide.

The first series of magazines was created in Brazil and Argentina, and by the 1950s a variety of magazines sprouted up in English, French, German, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Hindi, Urdu, Thai and Cyrillic, progressively covering most of the world’s continents.

Under the leadership of Gilbert Maillard-Buchser, who became President of Hugo Buchser SA in 1962, all the magazines were grouped under the Europa Star brand name to cover all the international watch markets and transform Europa Star into a truly worldwide publishing company.

Thus, Europa Star quickly became the leader of the watch industry’s specialized press and the worldwide expansion of the magazines was extraordinary, making it a phenomenon in the specialized Swiss watch industry press.

In 1995, the third generation of the family, brothers Philippe and Pierre Maillard took over the helm of the company and Europa Star became part of the multinational group United News & Media / Miller Freeman (later on VNU - Nielsen).

In 2010, full ownership of Europa Star returned to the Maillard-Buchser family, with Philippe Maillard as Managing Director and Pierre Maillard as Editor-in-Chief, respecting full continuity of the international publishing activities initiated in 1927 by the founder Hugo Buchser.

In 2014, the fourth generation came on board and is now headed by Serge Maillard, Publisher & CEO of Europa Star, bringing a youthful spirit and a fresh impetus with new developments in all our products, in print and in the digital field.

Today Europa Star reaches 174 countries through its network of renewed publications of magazines and websites.

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Other Europa Star HBM related publications

Technological publications:

bulletin d’informations - Suppliers to the watchmaking industry - 7x per year - French

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Mouvements, Habillage, Composants, Microtechnique, Appareils et Instruments de précision, Machines-outils, Métaux Précieux, Usinage, Alliage, Décolletage, Automation, Traitement de surface, Pierres, Outillage, Ecrins, Services et Solutions pour l’industrie et la fabrication en horlogerie et bijouterie.

The reference for the watch manufacturing community since 1930

Information & media kit:

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Eurotec - European microtechnology magazine

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Eurotec - 6 times per year - English, German, French
European micro-technology magazine for high precision machining and micromechanics. Circulation throughout Europe, targeted to high precision companies.

Since 1942, the only technical magazine of full European reach.

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