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oyal to its original concept, Europa Star is a global watch magazine created for the attention of all readers and buyers who are involved in the watch world.

With over 20 annual glossy publications and daily editions on the web in 6 languages, Europa Star provides continuous information covering all of the international watch markets.

Thanks to its detailed analyses of the developments in the watch sector, its exclusive reports and its team of international correspondents, Europa Star is a privileged link to the fine watch distribution and sales channels and the worldwide watch lovers, buyers and aficionados.

Europa Star Global
Europa Star Première - Switzerland
Europa Star Watch Aficionado - USA
Europa Star Watches for China - Greater China
Europa Star Bulletin d’informations - suppliers to the Swiss market

Europa Star’s WorldWatchWeb® eight websites: (French), (English), (Chinese simplified), (Chinese traditional), (Spanish), (Russian), (English), (French).

Europa Star WorldWatchWeb®:

Published in the world’s most widely spoken languages, the WorldWatchWeb® provides a constant platform between buyers and the leading international watch brands.

Europa Star in print and on the web ensures the best professional services for your global communication

Europa Star international sales & marketing contacts:

  • Nathalie Glattfelder, marketing director, nglattfelder(at)
  • Marianne Bechtel, sales consultant, mac(at)

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