Montres Rolex SA
Rue François-Dussaud 3-5-7
Case postale 1755
CH 1211 Genève 26
Tel : +41 (0)22 302 22 00
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Established in 1920 in Geneva, Rolex has grown to become perhaps the most recognised watch brand in the world thanks to the canny marketing of its founder Hans Wilsdorf. Rolex is one of the few genuinely vertically integrated mass production watch brands, capable of producing its watches entirely in-house. It is also the only brand to submit all its timepieces for COSC certification.

The Rolex Oyster case is the brand’s trademark design and is used in all the Rolex watch collections, from the classic Datejust and Day-Date models to the rugged Submariner and Deepsea diver’s watches and the legendary Daytona chronograph.

Rolex is an independent company with major production centres in Geneva and Bienne. The company is run by Jean-Frederic Dufour, CEO.