Alexander Shorokhoff Avant-Gardist


March 2018

Alexander Shorokhoff Avant-Gardist

Every Alexander Shorokhoff watch has its history and soul, as the company produces unique luxury watches with exceptional design and excellent hand engravings that are inspired by international art and culture.


he globally operating family manufacture is located in Alzenau, a small idyllic town in Bavaria, Germany.

Alexander Shorokhoff and his team create and develop marvellous and exceptional watches that combine cutting-edge design with the highest quality, as well as fine hand engravings.

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Click on the image to enlarge PDF
Mechanical automatic watch “Kandy AVG” from the Avantgarde series. Stainless steel case with red gold and black PVD-coated wires, sapphire glass, hand-engraved rotor, limited to 100 pieces.
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The designs fascinate, polarise and encourage people to think. With three collections, Heritage, Avantgarde and Vintage, they take the incentive to stand out from the competition and design not only timepieces but “Art on the Wrist”. The Heritage collection is dedicated to Russian art and cultural heritage from the 19th century, while the Avantgarde collection concentrates entirely on design inspired by European Suprematism and international art and culture of the 20th century. The Vintage watches represent an individual collection within the Avantgarde series and are fitted with historic and no longer manufactured movements. The company also has the ability to manufacture individual and custom-made products, since individual steps are performed in-house.