Urban Jürgensen: meet “The Alfred”


December 2018

Urban Jürgensen: meet “The Alfred”

Despite a slightly old-fashioned name that is a tribute to Jacques Alfred Jürgensen, the last watchmaker from the Jürgensen dynasty born in Le Locle in 1842, The Alfred is a model with a firm footing in modernity and in tune with the current watch industry and e-commerce trends.


he aesthetics of The Alfred, a special edition timepiece, will be familiar to brand devotees who will recognise the pure classicism and signature elements of Urban Jürgensen, such as the grenage dial, the teardrop lugs that are individually forged and invisibly welded to the case, and the finely fluted case bearing the Urban Jürgensen logo.

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Click on the image to enlarge PDF
The ‘Grenage’ dial is a manifestation of elaborate craftsmanship. ‘Grenage’ is a traditional, timeconsuming technique that results in a silvery, frosted surface with remarkable depth and granularity. This rare finishing is patiently built up by hand on a solid fine silver dial.

The introduction of steel to the collection demonstrates the brand’s desire to address a more youthful clientele that appreciates a less opulent and less traditional material while refusing any concessions concerning hand craftsmanship and contemporary technology.

The Alfred is worn on a brown leather strap finished off with contrast white stitching carefully sewn by hand.

This special edition celebrating the new Urban Jürgensen Ateliers is on sale exclusively via the brand’s website. A facilitated ordering process is paired with an exclusive and super-trendy customer experience, since each new owner of an Alfred is invited to take delivery of their watch at the Ateliers in Biel/Bienne.