Hamilton Khaki Aviation Converter


December 2020

Hamilton Khaki Aviation Converter

Hamilton extends its range of pilot watches to include models with a slide-rule bezel for conversions and calculations on the fly.


amilton has been providing the flying community with precision timepieces for over a century, from the first U.S. Airmail service in 1918 to today’s daredevil air racers. With the Khaki Aviation Converter, the brand provides a way for modern aviators to perform crucial flying calculations on their wrists.

The watch’s distinguishing feature is a bi-directional rotating bezel, whose logarithmic graduations interact with the fixed scale around the dial, creating a ‘slide rule’ for performing mathematical calculations while in flight. These could include critical factors like airspeed, distance, fuel consumption, rate of climb or descent, and flight time.


The Khaki Aviation Converter is offered in a 42mm automatic version fitted with the H-10 automatic movement, whose balance spring is made of NivachronTM alloy; a 44mm GMT model with a blue dial, powered by the H-14 movement; or an automatic chronograph featuring the H-21-Si movement, which uses a high-tech silicon balance spring.

hamilton_khaki_aviation_converter blue_-_europa_star_magazine_2020

The Hamilton Khaki Aviation Converter Auto Chrono features a black dial that houses the H-21-Si automatic chronograph movement with 60-hour power reserve and day-date function. It is equipped with a silicon balance spring.

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