An introduction to WOLF’s Maria collection


July 2021

An introduction to WOLF's Maria collection

A new classic is born with Maria, WOLF’s first “travel-exclusive” jewellery case collection. The five-generation, family-owned brand continues to lead the market with innovative and timeless designs – protecting not only your watches, but also your jewellery.


he story of WOLF began in 1834 with one simple concept, developed by visionary founder and case maker Philipp Wolf I: “It is logical to protect one’s possessions by storing and safeguarding them in a fine quality box.”

For over 185 years, the WOLF mark has been synonymous with decades of innovation and the pursuit of the perfect design. As a five-generation family-owned company, the brand understands that extraordinary objects are representations of extraordinary moments in life.

WOLF believes that, for a legacy to endure, it must be nourished and maintained, while melding beauty and functionality. The brand is dedicated to honouring people’s stories, and the priceless jewellery and timepieces entrusted to its care.

An introduction to WOLF's Maria collection

The new Maria collection is inspired by and for travellers, in love with cities they’ve never been to and people they’ve never met. The collection is enveloped in smooth, rich leathers with stunning gold accents. Maria is perfect for keeping jewellery in place with style; for business, leisure and everything in between.

An introduction to WOLF's Maria collection

Maria features WOLF’s patented LusterLocTM treated linings which protect jewellery from tarnishing for up to 35 years. The collection includes a large, medium, and small travel jewellery case as well as a portfolio in navy, mustard, and white leather.

Price range: £109-199

An introduction to WOLF's Maria collection

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