Bianchet Tourbillon B1.618: the art of Italian style

June 2022

Bianchet Tourbillon B1.618: the art of Italian style

Inspired by the work of Italian mathematician Leonardo Fibonacci and the iconic Golden Ratio 1.618, Bianchet has created a collection of modern and refined watches in which beauty and harmony come to the fore.


ianchet’s inspiration is grounded in its uncompromising belief in purity of line, its passion for beauty and contemporary design, coupled with an intuitive sensibility nourished by its Italian roots.

By using the Golden Ratio 1.618 and the Fibonacci sequence to design the case, the main plate and bridges of the Tourbillon B1.618, Bianchet’s engineering concept reflects the Italian design approach to creating an object of desire, that is beautiful from its conception to its aesthetic execution.

The tonneau shape of the case, the openwork design of its movement, the high-end finishing, everything within the Tourbillon B1.618 watch expresses refinement, pure lines, and a natural sense of balance that makes it a watch of our time, for our time.

Bianchet Tourbillon B1.618: the art of Italian style

With a titanium tourbillon cage nestled in a titanium movement architecture, the Tourbillon B1.618 is made entirely in Switzerland and finished by hand. Available in titanium, carbon, or in a hybrid titanium-carbon case version, it is produced in limited editions of 21 pieces.

Price: Titanium: CHF 50,000 / Carbon: CHF 55,000 / Hybrid Titanium-Carbon: CHF 55,000


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