Code41 Mecascape: from dream to reality


July 2022

Code41 Mecascape: from dream to reality

Over the past few weeks, the Mecascape project, a new horological category imagined by Code 41, has reached a crucial stage: the design of the object itself, which raised a number of technical issues.


s we saw in the previous episode, the Mecascape (for Mechanical Landscape) is a new contemplative and portable “time object” that has emerged from the creative laboratories of the Swiss brand Code 41 – and has been refined in line with the feedback submitted by its community since the beginning of the year. The proportions of Mecascape are based on the “golden ratio”, a mathematical formula dating back to Antiquity, that identifies geometries considered harmonious and which has inspired countless artists.

The time had come to turn this concept into a tangible object. This meant choosing the right partner: “We talked to several Swiss manufacturers to carry out this unusual project,” explains Claudio D’Amore, founder of Code 41. “We finally chose Le Cercle des Horlogers for their approach to optimising the best ratio between quality, price... and magic.”

The production of the Mecascape involves several significant technical challenges. The components, which are spread out in a case measuring 106 x 68 mm (the size of a mobile phone) with a thickness of 7.5 mm, are located much further away from each other than in a conventional movement. “This layout requires very careful machining to maintain precise centre-to-centre distances,” says Claudio D’Amore.

Code41 Mecascape: from dream to reality

The dimensions of the plate and the ébauche are also non-standard, requiring special materials and recalibration of the machines. The case, which is large in size, must be thin and elegant while also being light and sturdy. The sapphire crystal is also completely non-standard for the watch industry, making it complex and costly to manufacture.

Code41 Mecascape: from dream to reality

Each stage of production is shared with the Code41 community, which has been heavily involved in the choice of complications for the Mecascape, such as the addition of a second time zone or an increase in the power reserve. “The goal with our partners from the Cercle des Horlogers is to create the most spectacular timepiece possible while keeping the production cost as low as possible,” emphasises Claudio D’Amore. The prototypes will be produced over the summer and pre-orders will open in October 2022. The rest, including details on delivery dates and the price of the Mecascape, will be revealed in the next episode!

The prototypes will be produced over the summer and pre-orders will open in October 2022.

Coming next:

• The final stage: final adjustments and the big reveal (in issue 4/22, October 2022)


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