Gucci High Watchmaking: an adventure through time and space

March 2023

Gucci High Watchmaking: an adventure through time and space

An introduction to the new timepieces joining the House’s High Watchmaking collection for 2023.

G-Timeless Planetarium

Four new iterations of the 40 mm G-Timeless Planetarium feature different precious stones dancing around the expertly-crafted flying tourbillon movement in its decorative diamond-studded star-shaped cage. One with a blue alligator strap and 18K yellow gold case has gold star embellishments set with diamonds; two have an 18K white gold case with either a purple strap and green peridots, blue topazes, purple amethysts and Ethiopian opals or a green strap with Ethiopian opals. The fourth watch has an 18K pink gold case, brown strap and rubies, fire opals, pink tourmaline and mandarin garnet. The Dancing Hours Flying Tourbillon calibre, named after one of the brightest nebulas in the galaxy and the movement of the stones, can be found in every watch.

G-Timeless Dancing Bees

There are two new 40 mm tourbillon iterations of the G-Timeless Dancing Bees in 18K pink gold. One, with a white alligator strap, features a chevron-style green opal dial with moving 18K pink gold bees, a diamond-set, crescent-style tourbillon and a diamond embellished bezel and crown. The other has a black strap and a turquoise stone dial with 18K pink, white and yellow gold moving bees.

G-Timeless Moonlight

Three new versions, including a fully customisable one, join the G-Timeless Moonlight family. Charting the waxing and waning of the moon, the design includes a Gucci GGV838.MP movement and promises up to 360 years of accuracy. The new made-to-order 41 mm watch, in 18K white gold and blue aventurine glass and mother-of-pearl dial, can be personalised entirely to a client’s place, time and date of birth. Depicting the sky at the moment of birth, six natural gemstones decorate the dial’s mobile flange to represent zodiac signs, alongside six diamonds, and customisable print characters. The crown has a cabochon birthstone, and the oscillating weight features the client’s constellation and coordinates. Its alligator strap can be customised too. The other two new styles are a 40 mm 18K white gold design with a purple mother-of-pearl dial, multi-coloured opal moon phase discs and a black alligator strap, and a similarly sized one in 18K yellow gold with green aventurine glass and mother-of-pearl dial, green opal moon phase discs and a white alligator strap.


With six new designs, the sleekly structured GUCCI 25H continues to make a bold statement. The impressive skeleton tourbillon is embellished with over 100 baguette diamonds on its bezel and dial. This 40 mm haute couture jewel comes in either 18K pink gold with a cobalt blue alligator strap or 18K white gold with a black alligator strap. Another new GUCCI 25H features a purple barrel bridge, pink tourbillon, blue winding stem, green dial-train bridge and orange mainplate. Adding definition to the layered nature of the 40 mm 18K white gold watch, the colours harmonise with four vibrant rubber straps. There are also three new 40 mm GUCCI 25H watches with a new perpetual calendar complication, which require no adjustment until 2100. One in 18kt gold has a brass pink gold-plated dial and brown alligator strap, and the other two have stainless steel bracelets and grey dials with a bezel in either 18K white gold or stainless steel.


The Grip welcomes two new 38 mm iterations with 18K pink gold cases featuring rare natural stones for the dial. One is crafted with brick red jasper and a brick red alligator strap, while the other comes with mint green chrysoprase and a mint green alligator strap.


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