Byrne Gyrodial Zero: one watch, four faces

June 2023

Byrne Gyrodial Zero: one watch, four faces

Newcomer Byrne has updated its patented rotating indices concept in this new timepiece, showcasing the exposed Calibre 5555.


yrne took the watch world by storm last year with a unique concept: a timepiece with multiple dials that change daily. Every night at midnight (or noon) the four indices – in the form of pivoting cuboids at 3, 6, 9, and 12 o’clock – swiftly and smoothly transform, unveiling a fresh appearance.

Creators John and Claire Byrne recently introduced the new GyroDial Zero. More than just a new model, this watch brings a totally new dimension to the original watch unveiled last summer in Geneva. The exposed movement takes centre stage, becoming the watch face itself. Components are displayed in various shades of grey, with bridges, screws, plates, and cardinal marker cuboids finished in Rhodium Silver or Rhodium Black.

Byrne Gyrodial Zero
Byrne Gyrodial Zero
Photo: Igor Laski

At midnight or noon, or on demand, the four cuboids displaying the cardinal indices on the dial rotate instantaneously, jumping forward one position to reveal another face: Roman numerals, Arabic numerals, an invisible dial or a sports dial with cardinal markers inspired by team jerseys and enhanced with Super-LumiNova. One watch, four faces. As if by magic.

Price (excl. VAT): CHF18,500


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