Genus GNS2 Watch: opening a new chapter

April 2024

Genus GNS2 Watch: opening a new chapter

This new model, building on the GNS1, preserves its hallmark mechanism while introducing a new dial that rethinks simplicity. The inaugural GNS2 Launch Edition will be limited to 18 pieces.


fter our first model, the unique GNS1, which was a mechanical statement with the movement at the forefront, we wanted to introduce a new limited series of timepieces with a certain visual purity and a finely crafted dial, focusing on the essence of our concept: this is the GSN2,” says Sébastien Billières, master watchmaker and co-founder of the independent watch brand Genus.

The result of five years of research and development in both engineering and design, this sleek, contemporary timepiece features a reinterpretation of Genus’ patented time-reading system. The free-floating ‘genera’ – the movement’s hallmark time-indicating elements – stand out through two spherical openings. These elements, in metallic blue, move like three small origami-style arrows in zero gravity, shifting from one orbit to another with mesmerising fluidity.

The design’s uniqueness resides in how Sébastien Billières brings out a sense of spatial volume through the random hand-hammering of the dial. The surface of each section has been hammered by hand with tens of thousands of tiny, incredibly precise strikes, utilising a specialised tool with a tip less than 1/10th of a millimetre wide. A masterpiece that also represents a milestone in the development of the Genus brand.

Price: CHF 58,250


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