Alexander Shorokhoff Full Calendar Cadamomo

April 2024

Alexander Shorokhoff Full Calendar Cadamomo

In a limited edition of only 50 pieces, the new model is a tribute to the avant-garde and the 50th anniversary of the Inhorgenta fair.


lexander Shorokhoff once again introduces a groundbreaking design innovation with his latest full calendar model named “Cadamomo”. This unusual timepiece not only displays the current time; it also provides information on the date, day of the week, month and moon phase.

But that’s not all: the exclusive model pays homage to the 50th anniversary of Inhorgenta and seamlessly fits into Alexander Shorokhoff’s extravagant collection.

The name was not chosen arbitrarily. Upon closer examination of the letter pairs – CA-DA-MO-MO – the meaning emerges. CA stands for “calendar”, DA for “day”, MO for “month”, and the second MO for “moon”.

The day is highlighted by the central yellow date hand with a blue tip. The day of the week is indicated at 10 o’clock by a small white sphere, while the month is marked at 2 o’clock with a small white arrow. In addition, the timepiece offers another feature, displaying the current moon phase at 6 o’clock. At the heart of the “Cadamomo” beats the automatic calibre DD9000 from Dubois Dépraz.

Price: €3,599


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