Zannetti Zacharius Titanium Blue Harlequin

June 2024

Zannetti Zacharius Titanium Blue Harlequin

This new limited edition in titanium from Roman brand Zannetti takes the wearer on a voyage through time and the imagination, much like the character Zacharius in Jules Verne’s tale, who roamed the mountains in search of the last functioning clock in existence.


his new timepiece features a robust titanium case, ideal for underwater explorations up to 100 metres deep. Its semi-professional nature is enhanced by a bidirectional rotating bezel and a customised Swiss-made automatic movement, offering impeccable reliability in tracking hours, minutes, seconds and dates.

However, the true highlight of the watch is its dial, a genuine work of art handcrafted in polychrome champlevé enamel in shades of blue or orange, creating an intricate labyrinthine design evoking the mysterious worlds and adventurous narratives of Jules Verne. The stylised luminescent leaf-shaped hands designed by Zannetti glide over the artistic backdrop, protected by a sapphire crystal with a magnifying lens over the date.

This is more than a watch: it is a bridge between legend and reality, and an invitation to reflect on the fleeting and eternal essence of time, the refinement of craftsmanship, and the limitless creative capacity of the human spirit.

Price: €4,500


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