Europa Star returns to the Maillard-Buchser family

May 2010

Europa Star and its series of publications in the fields of horology, jewellery and precision engineering are returning to the family that founded them more than 83 years ago.

1927 - 2010

In 1927, a young entrepreneur, Hugo Buchser, established the Geneva publishing house that was to become Europa Star and its multitude of other international luxury, jewellery and precision machinery publications and titles. These were the first international “business to business” media to be created in these sectors, with issues and editions in English, French, German, Spanish, Arabic, Hindi, Urdu, Thai, Japanese, Chinese and Cyrillic.

83 years later, the Maillard-Buchser family, with Philippe Maillard at the helm of the publishing group since he took over from his father Gilbert Maillard in 1992, has re-acquired the totality of the company’s shares. The company was previously under the ownership of a number of different media, marketing and communication groups (UN&M, Miller Freeman, Bill Communication, and most recently VNU).

Following his acquisition of the company, Philippe Maillard becomes president of the new publishing entity and group of publications: Europa Star HBM *. With Pierre Maillard, Editor-in-Chief, at his side and a highly qualified and loyal team of professionals, Europa Star is recovering its full independence to the service and global promotion of the watchmaking, jewellery and precision industries for the luxury sectors.

Facing the widely-known challenge of a press that is in need of new economic models, our economic independence gives us the opportunity to re-establish the trust which links us to you, our advertisers, international readers and daily visitors to our network of specialised websites.

Our products and professional publications are distributed to over 150 countries and marketed worldwide for the optimal economic coverage of luxury brands and the promotion of the savoir-faire in relation to the finest manufacturing processes.

Today, we are certain that we will be able to count on your personal trust and the continued support of the international watchmaking community, as well as the jewellery and technical industries, to further enhance our products and participate in the development of new ventures in the publishing and marketing business.

The new Europa Star publishing house, with the association of Philippe & Pierre Maillard, together with our specialized team and leading international products, remain at your service for the marketing and promotion of your watch, jewellery and precision manufacturing and your creativity throughout the professional networks.

Europa Star returns to the Maillard-Buchser family Philippe & Pierre Maillard and the Europa Star HBM team

About Europa Star:

By multiplying its international editions, reinforcing its image and revolutionising the world of the specialised press since 1927, Europa Star’s family and titles are recovering their independence and provide the opportunity to reinforce the trust that link us to all professionals and international consumers of watch and jewellery manufactured products and luxury goods worldwide.

The group’s current publications, as well as products in development are as follows:

  • Europa Star Europe
  • Europa Star International
  • Europa Star China
  • Europa Star USA & Canada
  • Europa Star en Español
  • Europa Star Ukraine
  • Europa Star Première
  • /
  • Europa Star Knowledge
  • American Time
  • Watch Aficionado
  • International Jewellery
  • Trends & Colours
  • Eurotec Precision Engineering
  • Bulletin d’informations horlogerie-bijouterie

*HBM stands for Horology, Bijouterie (Jewellery) and Manufacturing - the 3 pillars of Europa Star’s HBM Editions.