Europa Star’s new China bureau for WATCHES-FOR-CHINA

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May 2012

Since April 1 Europa Star has a new China bureau in Shanghai, which is headed by Mr Jean-Luc Adam and Chinese journalist Woody Hu. Mr Adam will report, both in print and online, on all that is happening on the watch market in China.

Mr Adam has already helped us to implement numerous improvements in our coverage of the Chinese-speaking markets, notably with the launch of a new website, www.watches-for-china.cn, which is in simplified Chinese. Readers of Watches for China in mainland China can now use this address to see all our editorial content in simplified Chinese characters. Chinese-speaking visitors from outside mainland China can still access our full content in traditional Chinese on www.watches-for-china.com as before. Furthermore, users can switch between the two character systems—or even between English, French, Spanish and Russian—at any time by clicking on the respective language in the top-right hand corner of the screen.

Jean-Luc Adam, left, and his assistant Woody Hu
Jean-Luc Adam, left, and his assistant Woody Hu

We have also enhanced the Chinese versions of two of the most popular sections on our international website: the general Brand Index, the Luxury Watch Brand Index and Watch Knowledge sections. The Chinese transliterations for the many watch brands present in China have been added to our Brand Index, which lists contact details for over 500 brands, including all the major players in the Chinese-speaking markets. In the Watch Knowledge section we are adding a number of in-depth articles on various technical aspects of mechanical watchmaking.

Europa Star is now also present on the Chinese microblogging site Weibo, which complements our existing presence on the world’s major social network platforms, as well as on Baike. As the article by our partner Digital Luxury Group in this issue explains, however, this is just a beginning and we will be making a number of additional improvements to our Internet presence in China over the coming months.