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May 2014

Dear readers,

In ten years the watch has undergone an astonishing transformation. Initially a nice-looking, more or less disposable, largely utilitarian object, it has now achieved star status, becoming virtually a cult object, invested with enormous symbolic weight and value. It is no coincidence that the word “icon” is often used to describe certain watches that have achieved superstar status.

Journalists returning home from BaselWorld are invariably asked the same question: what are the new trends?
Well, watchmaking has always been a faithful reflection of its time. In 2014, it is absolutely anything you want it to be, and its opposite. There is truly something for everyone, from the enormous musclebound timepiece for the chiselled hero returning from a dangerous mission (the award for this category goes to U-Boat and its monumental watch whose thick glass is deliberately smashed before sale), to the Saxon ultra-purity of three hands against a white dial (the award here goes to Moritz Grossmann with its balance wheel stop-mechanism made of human hair - that of the CEO). Out of all these contradictory currents, one “trend” nevertheless emerges: an understated appearance and smaller sizes. Suddenly, watchmaking has rediscovered the virtues of temperance, while retaining the lessons of the amazing creativity that fed its years of excess.

Europa Star’s writers walked mile upon mile and visited hundreds of stands to bring you the very best of BaselWorld.
Our June issue will bear the fruits of their dedication. Written by three of today’s best watchmaking journalists, the next issue of Europa Star - in its European, International, USA, China and web editions - will contain the most comprehensive report ever published in the watchmaking press on the movers and shakers of the watchmaking world. Europa Star’s highly professional, utterly personal and sometimes ironic appreciation of the watchmaking landscape in 2014 will go out to the four corners of the world in the forthcoming issue, to be published in June 2014.

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