N...like Nina Ricci

February 2004

Purchased by the Spanish group Puig, the Nina Ricci brand has a clear image, devoid of any aggressiveness, which evokes femininity, elegance, and dynamism. Having acquired Nina Ricci during the height of the economic bubble, the Puig group seems to be having problems breathing new life into this desirable brand. However, the recent nomination of a new artistic director, Lars Nielssen, and a positioning in the haut de gamme sector should help in the re-launch efforts.
The watch licence was accorded to the Swiss enterprise Time Avenue and thanks to its originality and quality, its Nina Ricci watches have done well. They are now present in some 30 countries and 800 points of sale (mainly with traditional jewellery-watch retailers interested in diversifying their offer into the feminine sector). Among the brand’s strongest markets are Japan, Taiwan, the Middle East, Russia and Eastern Europe, as well as a few Western European nations. In addition to the basic collection, Nine Ricci is counting on the regular introduction of unusual products such as watches with inventive stone settings or white mink bracelets, which all help to solidify the brand’s reputation for being original, inventive and quality-oriented.