Planning for the future: Part 5

December 2009

A bridge between the 17th and 21st centuries
Like its watchmaking, totally mindful of the extreme artisanal care of the ancient masters but in keeping with today’s mechanical and chronometric innovation, Greubel Forsey designed a new manufacture that is like a bridge spanning several centuries. It is composed of two distinct, but connected buildings, a 17th century farm scrupulously renovated by a specialist in historic buildings in the region (it houses the reception and an atelier devoted to unique pieces) and a modern building that seems to shoot up diagonally from the earth (which houses the development and production facilities). This new manufacture regroups not only Greubel Forsey, but also CompliTime, CT Design and CT Time, the four companies created by the duo Robert Greubel and Stephen Forsey.


The new Greubel Forsey workshops

Here also, they have thought about the environment. The building is equipped with a vegetal roof and, on its sides, controlled air enclosed by double glass panes that serve as a natural thermal buffer. This air buffer, cold in summer and warm in winter is reinforced by the use of rough concrete inside, which prevents large temperature variations.

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Source: Europa Star October-November 2009 Magazine Issue