Planning for the future: Part 3

December 2009

Vaucher caps production at 20,000 movements per year
A few hundred metres from there, Vaucher also recently inaugurated its new buildings. Over a surface area of 6,700 square metres, this new manufacture, designed for scalability in stages up to 16,000 square metres, houses offices and ateliers that had been, up to now, located at three different sites. This construction is part of the development policy of Vaucher Manufacture Fleurier, a company that belongs to MHF—the Manufacture HorlogÈres of the Sandoz Family Foundation, managed by Pierre Landolt.


The new Vaucher manufacture

Little by little, the MHF has created a veritable autonomous watchmaking group with its flagship brand Parmigiani and its constellation of companies that create, for example, cases (Bruno Affolter and Quadrance & Habillage) and other strategic parts such as the spiral (Atokalpa and Elwin). Managed by Florian Serex, the goal of the VMF manufacture, of which Hermès International has acquired 25 per cent, is to produce over the medium term about 20,000 movements per year. Currently, VMF makes 21 different calibres, including some ten that are reserved for Parmigiani. On this basis, the manufacture produces today approximately 12,000 movements available in 90 varieties and positioned exclusively for the haute horlogerie sector. They also allow its clients to have very personalized finishing.

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Source: Europa Star October-November 2009 Magazine Issue