GENEVA SHOWS - CHRISTOPHE CLARET bluffs everyone with his poker

February 2014

“Interactive high-end watchmaking” is the term that Christophe Claret uses for his playful watches that are not only dedicated to the world of games but which also allow you to actually play those games. Over the years we have seen the 21 Blackjack, then the Baccara. And now here is his most complex realisation yet, the Poker watch. It is a veritable labyrinth of a self-winding mechanical watch, with no less than 655 components, and includes a complete deck of 52 minuscule cards that allow three players to play a game of Texas Hold’em poker.

Poker Watch by Christophe Claret
Poker Watch by Christophe Claret

The watch offers 32,768 card combinations, or 98,304 for three players. And the “head mechanic” ensures us that “the possibilities of winning have been calculated to ensure that everyone has the same chance.” Undoubtedly a veritable mechanical exploit.
It all starts with two “closed” cards being dealt to each player. These first two cards appear at 1.30, 6 o’clock and 10.30 under a fine grille that is arranged so that the other players cannot see their opponents’ cards. Five open cards are then progressively added, which are visible to all the players. The player with the best hand of five cards, of the seven in total, wins the round.

The cards are printed on four concentric discs, one in sapphire, that are mounted on ruby or ceramic ball bearings. Jumpers randomly stop their rotation. As a specialist in striking mechanisms, Christophe Claret has pushed things to the extreme by sounding a cathedral gong every time one of the different pushers is pressed to activate the successive phases in the game. Everything about the watch evokes the universe of the casino, such as the roulette-wheel oscillating mass. There is even a pin-up girl hidden in the sapphire crystal, who only appears in the condensation when you breathe on the crystal… As a limited edition of 20 pieces, the Poker is aimed only at those who have already broken the bank.

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Source: Europa Star February - March 2014 Magazine Issue