Technomarine, the Maoris and Spidergirl

June 2003

One of the watch industry's creative leaders gets emotionally involved with antipodean ancient tribes and comic book super heroes.


hen talking about sports watches, there is one name that readily springs to mind, that of TechnoMarine. And when it comes to looking for something new, a watch that will meet the needs of the active, that has instant, eye-catching appeal illustrating what can be done creatively in the highly competitive field of sports watches, TechnoMarine never disappoints.

In the beginning ...
From its very first appearance at the Basel Fair with its revolutionary chronograph combining stainless steel, plastic and a diamond-set bezel, TechnoMarine has caught the imagination of not only the sports minded men and women of the planet, but also of a generation of consumers looking for something different to adorn their wrists.

And this year was no different
“Since its beginnings in 1997, I have positioned TechnoMarine as a revolutionary watch brand with its finger on the pulse of fashion, fun and lifestyle trends,” Franck Dubarry, the President and founder of the company explains. "This primary focus and core value has helped TechnoMarine to remain a leader in the luxury fashion watch world with a keen eye on positioning and its continuing success.

“The creativity in our collections and our communication aims to reflect the TechnoMarine World, a mix of innovation, pleasure, technology and an underlying passion for the Ocean,” Dubarry underlined.

TechnoMarine is now headquartered in Geneva and has subsidiaries in Miami, Paris, London, Munich and Hong Kong. The watch collections are distributed in more than 50 countries with 1,500 points-of-sale including 30 in Switzerland - one of the world's most conservative and difficult to conquer. The USA, with 32% of sales, remains the company's largest market, with Europe accounting for 25%, Asia 25%, 16% in the other American countries and a strong growth in Japan.

This spring will also see the opening of the first TechnoMarine boutique in Paris and the launch of a very imaginative, interchangeable jewellery collection designed by the stylist Victoria Casal.

“The year 2003 will be characterized by a repositioning of our models,” Franck Dubarry explains. "TechnoSport becoming TechnoMarine Sport, emphasizing its combination of sport and luxury. The remaining models of the TechnoSport line will detach themselves from TechnoMarine by becoming an independent division to be called TM Sport.

“TechnoMarine is consistently reinforcing its brand name and image while continuing to be considered a 'must have' among consumers and retailers alike. Our goal is to offer timepieces that combine a blend of unexpected materials, colours and designs in a fresh, innovative and fashion-forward manner to be a true barometer for its customer.”

Basel 2003
TechnoMarine launched a truly stunning and innovative Maori watch collection that captures the very synthesis of this antipodean culture. Using the link between the Maoris' signs and tattoos from the ancient tribes, the watches have a dial with a 'relief' design, a graphic code symbol of a tribal tattoo on a lacquered dial. The collection will also be made up of some new TechnoMarine accessories such as pens, knives and eyewear.

Another collection designed exclusively for its feminine clientele this time is the Limited Edition Lady Casino. Presented in a box with four models (Hearts, Spades, Clubs and Diamonds) the 28 mm watches are decorated with black and white diamonds and rubies. The only model sold separately from this boxed collection is the Lady Casino Heart.

Perhaps one of the most trendy TechnoMarine collections is aimed at the 30 to 40 year old consumers who were comic book addicts - although these contemporary-styled watches will almost certainly be the 'thing' to be seen wearing by all age groups.

The watches are called the Marvel Collection and TechnoMarine has obtained the exclusivity of use for such characters as The Incredible Hulk, Silver Surfer, The Thing, Captain America and Spider Girl. A Limited Series of 250 numbered boxes with all five characters will be available. The Spider Girl model is also available as a single item.

Staying ahead of the game is one of Techno-Marine's salient talents and the introduction of the stylized Super Heroes of yesteryear on its watch dials along with the emotive Maori collection will certainly keep the company up amongst the industry's trendy leaders.

As Franck Dubarry states, “Our customers' loyalty, the continued acclaim from professionals in the luxury world and our will to be leaders in the development of influential trends and new products make TechnoMarine what it is today - always ahead of its time with a brand image that represents not just a watch but a lifestyle.”