FKRNCA RULMEL SAKME VULEROONTI CHEA RAEY* *(Franck Muller Makes Revolution Each Year)

April 2003

They won't be unveiled until April 8, the day of the inauguration of the now traditional W.P.H.H., the private watch fair held by Franck Muller at its headquarters near Geneva. Yet, Europa Star offers you a first glimpse of the brand's new and novel Revolution II and Crazy Hours timepieces.

Franck Muller is presenting two watches that utilize the brand's technological virtuosity for the pure pleasure of it, while exploring new potential advances in mechanical watchmaking. The 'Revolution II' is a tourbillon that 'tourbillons' on itself. 'Crazy Hours' is a novel creation whose hours are scattered around the dial in complete disorder, causing the hours hand to jump from one to the other like a series of startling acrobatic stunts.

Timekeeping purists will clear their throats. Master watchmakers will frown and then explain that we gain nothing by turning the tourbillon cage on itself. Apostles of minimalism will look at these new pieces from on high. But let's not let them take away from our pleasure and surprise at these new creations. Obviously, it was necessary (first) to have the idea, and then (secondly) to realize the final product. But here they are.

Franck Muller loves to surprise people. A real artist, he invites you to discover his new collections in Genthod, from April 8 to 13.