B like Biagiotti

January 2004

B is also for bold, brilliant and ... bellissimo!

Laura Biagiotti created her first fashion collection in 1972 and after taking over a cashmere company and creating garments with the ultra-soft yarn became known as the 'Queen of Cashmere'. Laura Biagiotti produced very comfortable and flattering clothing and when she decided to take out a licensing agreement with Time Force for the production and distribution of watches, her unique styling was an important factor in the creation of the watches.
The main objective is to maintain the same high quality, research and that feeling of de luxe in the watches that was so successful in the couture collections.
Launched in Italy earlier this year, Time Force's objective with the watches is to reach a sales figure of 60,000 pieces by the end of the year. Time Force manufacture and distribute the Laura Biagiotti watches using its partners in Italy, Europe, the USA, South America, the Middle East, China, Japan and Hong Kong where the company has an office.

The Collection
The Collection is based on the letter B, B like Biagiotti, B like Bianco (white, the stylist's favourite colour) and Bambola (doll - the name of her last fashion collection. Laura Biagiotti also always includes a 'Baby Doll' selection in her collections) and B like Balla, the name of the artist sponsored by the brand.
The stainless steel case is in the form of the letter B and uses Swarovski crystals set into the watch's bezel for the Night collection and the case is decorated with the Jacquard weave motif in the Pavé and Retro Collections.