H...likeHermès, Hugo Boss

February 2004

Hermès – is it really a fashion brandı By this, wouldn’t it be a bit of an insult to put it in the same noisy and gaudy category where diamonds co-exist with rhinestonesı Actually, Hermès is in a class all by itself. Hermès likes to follow its own road, make its own way. Moreover, it hardly claims to be a watchmaker. No, Hermès makes watches, and has been doing so since the beginning of the century, but that is a very different thing. While waiting, this modesty has been paying off. In the current economic difficulties, Hermès is staying its course and continues to advance. Patiently, its watch collection expands and discretely marks our epoch. There has been the ‘H’. The brand recently introduced a superb mechanical piece, Dressage, which takes another step towards ‘pure’ watchmaking. This timepiece is equipped with a wonderful double barrel automatic movement created by Vaucher, recently installed by Parmigiani. The engraving on the movement enjoys graphical virtuosity with the repetition of the ‘H’ ad infinitum.

Hugo Boss
Hugo Boss was founded in 1923 and slowly moved up-market from working clothes to business suits in the 1990s. In 2002 sales reached US$ 1,146 million.
Hugo Boss watches were launched in 1996 under licence by Tempus Concept of Neuchâtel, Switzerland. Initially, only men's collections were produced, but in 2002 ladies' watches were added to the Hugo Boss collections. The men's watch models are elegantly designed and have a classical appearance much in keeping with the style of Boss clothing. The ladies' models however offer a more daring design to appeal to a trendy but elegant dresser. Colourful, stone-set, they have a modern and appealing look.
Today, Boss watch sales have reached more than 100,000 watches and are distributed in 40 countries via some 3,000 points of sales.