His Majesty, the Blu Majesty Tourbillon MT3

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April 2008


It is a well-deserved reward for Bernhard Lederer, who recently received the ‘The Malaysia Most Revered Watch 2007’ prize in Kuala Lumpur for his very spectacular Blu Majesty MT3 Tourbillon. This watch pushes the limits of the extreme in terms of the very specific watchmaking track that this atypical watchmaker has been following with consist-ency and determination. It involves the rotation of the dials in all their forms and the elimination of the hands, numbers, and even dials. His latest creation is aptly named ‘Majesty’ because it is nothing less than a tourbillion within a tourbillon within a tourbillon! And each of these three tourbillons is dedicated to one indication of time: second, minute, hour.
On the interior is a ‘semi-flying’ tourbillon that makes one rotation per minute, and thus indicates the seconds. It is mounted inside a flying tourbillon carriage that makes a rotation once an hour, and thus indicates the minute. In turn, this tourbillon is carried along the dial by an even more imposing tourbillon that makes a rotation in 12 hours, and thus indicates the hour. So, there it is, the correct time!
We can only imagine the complexity of this construction whose energy is provided by a double barrel concealed under the base plate in a space normally reserved for the gear train. But His Majesty is not worried about its gears separating because they are directly incorporated into the ‘ballet of the tour-billons’. For those who have not yet admired this impressive—and magnificent—piece of watchmaking architecture, it is on display at the Blu booth at BaselWorld.

Source: Europa Star February-March 2008 Magazine Issue