Milus – at the entry level of high horology

June 2008

Milus has made a statement in the watch industry by its reliance on the tri-retrograde movement that graces its premiere men's and ladies collections. This year, Milus introduces a brand new women's jewellery piece, the Milus Merea TriRetrograde Seconds Skeleton Joaillerie. After the successful launching of the Merea TriRetrograde Seconds Skeleton last year, the Merea TriRetrograde Seconds Skeleton Joaillerie, with sparkling brilliant-cut diamonds and rubies, combines jewellery artistry with Swiss watchmaking expertise.
In addition to its jewellery piece, Milus will introduce a new men's line, the Tirion, which is a round skeleton watch, 45mm in steel and red gold, with a limited edition in white gold with a diameter of 47mm. No pictures were available at the time of press, but Jan Edocs, President of Milus promised that it would be something special.
“We wanted to implement a round man's retrograde - the watch has no dial, and features a flying date,” he says. “The Tirion line is much more technical. All the bridges are hand-made, the angles and the polishing are also done by hand. It's emphasizing the mechan-ical side of things.”



Milus is doing very well all over the world and this year will be spent focusing on existing business, Edocs promises. “We had a very good year in 2007 and this year we can really increase our existing markets and we will focus on those key markets,” he says. “We will focus 70 percent on the existing markets and we will open some new markets. South America is one of the key markets for us. For example, we have had much faster growth in the United States than we expected. We have 25 points of sale already. We really need to further support these markets to build brand awareness.”
One of the strengths of Milus is its positioning. Edocs considers the brand at the entry level to high horology. “We really specialize in the 5,000 to 25,000 CHF price range, focusing on design, materials and technical knowledge,” he says. "With Milus, you get a lot of value for a very good price.

Source: Europa Star April-May 2008 Magazine Issue