Furtive: Changing faces

June 2010

Interchangeability is one of the hottest trends sweeping the watch industry right now. There are timepieces with interchangeable straps, different bezels and alternative casebacks; there are reversible watches and even timepieces that change into a pocket watch or a desk clock.
Furtive has taken interchangeability to a whole new level by inventing an ingenious system that allows its owner to change the dial. This brand new, patented concept works by pressing on the left side of the case to release a cover. The dial then simply slides out like a cd-rom ejects from your computer. Each timepiece comes with a choice of six dials: black, navy blue, brown, flame red, purple and white (and two straps in black and white). The dials have two coats of lacquer and black or white Arabic numerals, depending on the colour of the dial. “Colour is something that is alive, it represents the mood of the day, a certain joie de vivre, in whatever situation we find ourselves. It must be in harmony with the moment and can also match our vestimentary style,” explains Jacques Marchand, Furtive’s founder and CEO. “I wanted to give this jewellery watch a ‘fashionable’ 6 in 1, unisex look with a simple system for changing the dials,” he continues.



The Swiss Made two-hand quartz movement is completely protected from the dial changing mechanism so no dust or water can come into contact with the movement. The polished, stainless steel case is made up of an amazing 40 different parts; the caseback is screwed down with four screws and the mineral glass is also screwed on from the inside of the case. The process of changing the dial doesn’t influence the time in any way, as the hands stay in place, so no resetting is necessary. The timepiece is also water resistant to 30 metres, in spite of the opening mechanism.
And if that isn’t enough, Furtive also offers a package with six blank dials (in steel or brass) and an engraving machine for those who would like to design their own dials. There is also the possibility of a private label agreement for companies wishing to personalise the watches with their own name. This truly unique concept offers future distributors and retailers something fun and unusual to offer their clients.
This is a watch that could appeal to a variety of clients: those who love to have six watches for the price of one, people who like to match their watches with their wardrobe, amateur artists who want to design their own dials, or even those who are looking for a gift to offer a loved one, but don’t know their favourite colour – that’s a lot of potential clients for one watch!

Source: Europa Star April - May 2010 Magazine Issue