Philip Stein – Operating at an altogether different frequency

May 2012

Since securing the worldwide exclusivity for the use of Natural Frequency Technology in luxury products, the Philip Stein watch brand has gone from strength to strength. At BaselWorld this year, Will Stein, President of the company, confirmed that production could reach up to 80,000 watches this year and that a further 10 to 15 own-name boutiques or shop-in-shops will be opened in the South-East Asia region. This adds to the existing network of 10 boutiques, of which five are in the Philippines, where Philip Stein claims to be the number one watch brand.

“We are selling around 70 per cent of our watches to ladies,” Will Stein told Europa Star. “This is for two reasons. Firstly, it is a beautiful watch and they appreciate it; secondly, it is also a well-being accessory. When a lady feels better after wearing the watch, she convinces her husband to buy one as well, which generates a lot of follow-up sales.”

Will Stein
Will Stein


Philip Stein presented a new limited edition of 25 hand-skeletonised and engraved watches by the renowned German engraver Stefan Kudoke at BaselWorld in a bid to attract a masculine clientele. Unlike many of the brand’s other timepieces, in which the Natural Frequency Technology is infused into a disc visible on the case-back, the entire 45mm stainless-steel case of the Round Prestige Limited Edition Kudoke has been infused with the technology.

Will Stein is keen to validate the well-being claims he makes for the Natural Frequency Technology. He has even appointed Professor Dr. Neil Branda, who has a PhD in organic chemistry, to the Philip Stein NFT Scientific Advisory Board in order to conduct further research and studies into its benefits. “We aim to have three independent studies on the American, Asian and European continents to validate the technology beyond reproach,” he explains.

To demonstrate the technology, visitors to the brand’s serene stand at BaselWorld were invited to test the Philip Stein Life Card – a credit-card sized piece of metal – by tasting slices from two halves of the same lemon, one of which had been placed over the card for several minutes. The frequencies somehow reduce the acidity of the lemon and I cannot deny that there was a noticeable difference in taste between the two slices. The same technology is also used to help wine breathe (using the Philip Stein Wine Wand) and air travellers sleep easier (using the Philip Stein Sleep Bracelet, which is sold on a number of major airlines).

“Our goal is to evolve more and more into a luxury lifestyle brand,” Will Stein concludes. “We plan to open more shop-in-shops and more of our own boutiques. We are also working on more and more validation of our technology. It is so mind-boggling that we haven’t even scratched the surface yet.”

Source: Europa Star June - July 2012 Magazine Issue