De Bethune: The emotion… finally

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March 2013

(A continuation of the article “Surrounding the SIHH...”) In my opinion, after so many watches seen during this week, the most beautiful and the most poetic of all was the DB28 Skybridge from De Bethune, which I saved for last.

There is no indication on this watch other than the hours and the minutes. But what a show! As sharp as very fine daggers, these two hands are driven by an entirely original movement. They orbit above a concave dial made of titanium, with a splendid deep blue mirror finish, which holds perfect micro-spheres of gold and diamonds that make up celestial bodies.

DB28 SKYBRIDGE by De Bethune
DB28 SKYBRIDGE by De Bethune

On the lower part of the watch, below a bridge in the form of an arrow pointing towards the unknown, a spherical moon rotates on its own axis and represents one of the emblematic signatures of the brand. The design fascination, the plays between the infinitely large and the infinitely small attain a rare splendour, but one that is also very contemporary. For once, we dare use a word that is so over-used by “marketing”: emotion. What a nice final touch to the week.

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Source: Europa Star February - March 2013 Magazine Issue