Rebellion: a thousand hours power reserve!

May 2013

It is a monster by any measure. The T-1000 Gotham by Rebellion is a lethal weapon with a titanium case mounted on an aluminium chassis. Its size is not for girls: 52.2 X 47.9 mm, for a thickness of 18.2 mm. It has no less than six barrels, which are wound in parallel by a central transmission arbour that drives two chains. The resulting power reserve is record-breaking: 1000 hours, or a little over 40 days. Beat that! The time is read vertically on two rollers visible through a sapphire crystal that looks like a helmet visor, while lower down, through a porthole, you can see the double balance inclined at 39º.

Rebellion: a thousand hours power reserve!

This fearsome Gotham is powered by a manually-wound movement (and we imagine that winding it must be a mammoth task), calibre REB-T-1000 in Avional (an extremely lightweight aluminium alloy that is used in the aeronautics industry and consists of aluminium and copper (4.75%), magnesium (0.5%) and silicon) and is available in black, red, blue or violet. Not exactly discreet and reserved for 25 mucular arms.

Source: Europa Star April - May 2013 magazine issue