Hong Kong: Watches from the tongue to the feet

April 2003

A brief look at some of the Hong Kong watch companies offering modern watches at accessible prices and short delivery times.

Attention, attention! As we approach the Basel Fair, the Hong Kong 'watch tiger' is showing its diversity. To be convinced, you only need to take a tour of the local companies in the region. They surprise by their inventiveness and their diversity while presenting particularly affordable prices in keeping with the Hong Kong tradition, which are not the least of their advantages in this period of economic gloom and deflation. The following is a rapid, if not exhaustive, look at two dozen brands and their models. We start with the provocative 'tongue' model of the Rolling Stones and end with more sporty pieces such as chronographs and pedometers.

“At this time, we are introducing the model, Rolling Stones,” announces Eliza-beth Pong, Sales and Marketing Manager of Legend Lane Limited, a firm that specializes in licensing. She adds, “Hard Rock is their image. Thus, watches in this line evoke a heavy metal mood. The design is plain and minimal in order to highlight the logo of the Rolling Stones – a red tongue. The watch hands suggest strong feelings while the time markers are deeply etched. Although the design is clean and simple, it is unique and distinctive.”

“Legend Lane Limited is involved primarily in licensing agreements since this is where the market is. These products are quite different from OEM products,” states Pong.

The watch comes equipped with a hanger rather than a bracelet or strap. The design is ideal for those who love the great outdoors since the watch can be attached to a backpack, jeans or jacket. As such, it matches the image of the British band. The same idea is also applied to the necklace and ring collections.

At Idea Creatime Limited, the Managing Director, Kings Leung, says that their collection features a sort of mechanical wristwatch. The new timepiece is an innovative concept since it features a 'tourbillon look-alike' and a skeleton window located at six o'clock. “The skeleton window is in miniature and displays the spirit of the watch,” adds Leung. There are a thousand ways to combine the dials and the cases. Both metal bracelets and leather straps are available. The watch is water-resistant to 30 metres.

A producer of dynamic and youth-oriented watches, Miltron Industries Limited develops its own designs. The company pays a great deal of attention to the fashion segment and specializes in ladies' and men's styles. Samuel Tam, the director, says that the company is new but that its quality is without question. “The impressive quality of our watches is a reflection of our many years of experience and our strict standards of quality control.” Tam goes on to state, “We offer an assorted range of watches with very competitive prices. Our watches are all water-resistant. For the sports versions, the minimum standard for water resistance is 30 metres. We use Japanese movements. The delivery period takes about 45 days and the minimum order is 300 pieces.”

Longwick Industries Limited was founded in 1985. The company specializes in metal parts, but recently diversified its product line to include watches. Currently, they produce about two hundred different ladies' timepieces. Most of the watches are decorated with abalone shell, giving them a charming and unique appearance. This 'Shell Watch' bracelet has a very special design feature.

A young and energetic enterprise, Triumph Fame Industrial Limited was created only two years ago. Taking an aggressive approach to the market, it introduces new models frequently, specializing in fashion pieces. Recently, the company presented a new series with a modern but classic appeal. The collection comes in various colours such as dark blue, light blue, red, yellow, black, green and grey. Bright and attractive, they are suitable for all daily occasions.

Evertrade Development Limited, established in 1995, is primarily involved in fashion watches, which range from low-end alloys to high-end titanium. Its titanium classic timepiece is one of the company's strongest product lines. One of the major advantages of this company is the procedure of ionic electroplating that it uses for its ladies' watches. The dial is made of a brilliant colour, with various hues due to the different angles. The watches feature a domed glass as well as a two-tone case. The straps are made of polyurethane in the popular snake pattern.

Silcon Enterprises
Limited started in business in 1980. The company is renowned for its design work and its ability to produce movements with special features and novel timepieces. One of the newest series is a pedometer. It uses a specially designed buckle which can be fixed to a belt or placed on a surface like a table clock. This watch functions as an instrument recording the distance travelled by the wearer. It thus can not only tell time, but it also works as a health-checking device. This is the first analogue watch with a pedometer. One more additional feature, the watch dial and its caseback can be printed with a client's logo, an invaluable tool for any marketing campaign.

Newly established, 'Begin' is another line of Hong Kong Pro-ducts Group Limited. The new endeavour covers a wide spectrum of items ranging from watches to all kinds of gift items, especially those for executives. As the name implies, 'Begin' infers a new start. It is beginning on its new journey and wants to build the company's image by being creative. The newly developed watch series presents a very European style that is unique and simple. The minimalist style pattern reflects a refined mood. The specially designed packaging is also interesting.

The current collection from Kam Law Po (Wah Lap) Watch Company embraces distinct design. Both the men's and ladies' versions represent a classic and contemporary style, simple but elegant. A fresh approach, clear lines, minimal designs and keen insights give a more lucid air to telling time in the bustling world. The unpretentious pattern reflects the fashion and cosmopolitan lifestyle of its wearers.

A series of exquisitely designed ladies watches with metal bracelets has been created and manufactured by Tai Wah Watch Company Limited. The stylish design, refined taste and various finishings make them suitable for all occasions. Mr. Lin Wah, the company's General Manager says that the collection is not only stylish but that it is timeless and of good quality. "They have all the elements necessary for good ladies' watches. They are designed with trends in mind, yet with simple lines. Elegant and prestigious, these timepieces can be worn for any occasion. The delivery time is about 60 to 120 days depending on the design required.

Kentex Time Company Limited is one of the most popular makers of timepieces. The company's strength is its ability to produce quality items especially in the sporty watch categories. In order to meet market demands, the company also provides fashionable pieces such as the current trendy bangle series. The watches take the shape of a modern bangle, featuring a square case and dial on the bracelet. This series also has three hands which make them in tune with the times. The basic models are water-resistant to 30 metres but can have a higher degree of water resistance if the client requires.

Ka Da Watch Com-pany Limited is a pioneer, building its watch brand within the Hong Kong watch industry. Its 'Calinda' model is a household name in the sector. For the past decade, Ka Da has been rewarded by sound and steady growth and it is well known for its precision work. Today, the company offers thousands of models, including classic and refined pieces, ladies' versions, bracelets, sporty items, etc. They are suitable for any kind of daily event, “Calinda for all occasions!” as they say.

Founded in 1985, Welltime Watches & Jewellery Limited is a specialist in timepieces, especially feminine models. The company prides itself on the good quality and craftsmanship of its pieces, as well as its elegant design. One of the prominent items made by the company is the collection with interchangeable straps. The watch is sold with two additional straps or bracelets, making the number of varieties possible. The company offers very competitive prices as well as packaging.

Young and energetic, Apex Link Interna-tional Company Lim-ited has been in business for two years. The company specializes in men's and women's watches of various types. The major markets include South America, Europe and the USA. The watches feature very contemporary fashion styling. Cases are constructed with an unusual design while the straps are in two-tone layers, with brilliant colours contrasting with subtle black. Any colour combination is possible. The basic standard for water resistance is 30 metres but a higher level is available.

Having established its business more than 10 years ago, Ching Chi Industrial Company Limited is now introducing a new series of sporty chronographs. The new line emphasizes design as well as quality. The design is a minimal fashion style, basic but unique. On the quality front, all metal parts are made of stainless steel. Stainless steel is also used for the watch bracelets. The clasps are of the diver type and the crown screws into the case. The watches are equipped with Japanese movements. The standard for water resistance is 100 metres.

Keen Glory Industries Limited offers a series of sports watches featuring elegant and refined designs. The watches are analogue models and ana-digi versions. They are crafted with distinctive quality. Both types of watches enhance any outstanding occasion. They are simple in design and enjoy a very good response from the market. Amy Lam, the company's Manager, states that the watches are very high quality. “Japanese movements are used and the cases are water-resistant to 50 metres. One notable feature is the matching components. Delivery time is about 80 days.”

Customized for the dynamic man, these wristwatches combine elegance and strength, beauty and technology, and are suitable for any sporty occasion. The minimalist design reflects an exceptional charm. These watches are produced by Wan Li Xing Watch & Clock Industrial Company Limited. Stainless steel cases and solid link stainless steel bracelets are used, but genuine leather straps are also available. All watches are minimally water-resistant to 30 metres, although a higher level is possible on demand. They are available with a choice of various combinations of bracelets and dials.

Fu Yuen Watch and Crafts Company Limited introduces its newly developed sports watch collection. The company specializes in ana-digi watches made with an alloy case and bracelets. The company's Director, J. Win Sze, states that the new collection is of very high quality. “The analogue movement is sourced from Japan and all watches are water-resistant to 30 metres. They are very sporty items and come equipped with functions such as stopwatch, countdown timer, alarm, etc. The design is especially notable in the dial and bracelets. Various combinations create different fashions. Watches can be made in titanium or with PNP plating. We target numerous markets and the USA and South America play the major role.”

The Eclipse Series is the newest collection from Bon Jour Industries Limited. The most pro-minent characteristic is the metal plate located on the top of the watch glass. The stainless steel plate is used for logos, which is a good possibility for promotional campaigns. The collection is available with either stainless steel mesh bracelets or genuine leather straps. Watches come in a unisex size, 35mm in diameter. This quality watch is water-resistant to 50 metres.

Founded in 1992, Bestimever Limited specializes in watchmaking, especially in OEM projects for well-known higher-end branded timepieces. The company devotes its resources to presenting, on a frequent basis, new and unique designs. Recently, Bestimever launched a new series composed of quartz analogue sports watches. The prominent feature of this collection includes the smoothed case decorated with polyurethane that extends to the centre part of the watch bracelet. The quality cases and bracelets are made of stainless steel. The watches are water-resistant to 50 metres and are equipped with Japanese movements. They are available in ladies' and men's sizes.

In line with the new millennium, the objective of 2B3 International is to endow its collections with a distinctive cachet. This makes them easily identifiable and distinctive from others in the marketplace. The latest creation, the 'Trek Collection' is seductive with its aesthetic appeal, originality and extraordinary workmanship. The main collection, 'Jungle', has a contemporary look, which is inspired by a classic style. This collection looks towards tomorrow's fashions while being in harmony with today's trends. The watches opt for the high-tech look and feel with an increase in their range of functions and with their bold futuristic style. They are elegant for city wear and fit right in for sports and leisure activities with a wide range of colours.

Unicorn Time Manu-facturing Limited is a young and energetic watchmaking enterprise. The company achieved a major breakthrough in the technology of water-resistance for square cases. Recently, Unicorn introduced a new series of sporty chronographs. The design is minimalist and targets the masculine market, combining elegance with strength. Suitable for sports activities, these watches are water-resistant to 30 metres but higher levels are possible. They come with genuine leather straps, but stainless steel bracelets are also available.

Established over four decades ago, Wing Wah Metal Ware Factory Limited (Watch Cases and Bands) is an experienced producer offering a wide selection of watch cases and bracelets. The company has two self-owned factories, one in Shenzhen and the other in Hong Kong. Employing in-house tooling as well as an R & D team, the company is able to bring new models to the marketplace on a regular basis. In recent years, Wing Wah has been specializing in titanium items, with mainly sporty styles.