FX Creations are coming to Basel

April 2003

Ten new models of FX Creations, the brand of the Hong Kong watchmaker Crystal Electronic Enterprises Co Ltd, are presented this year at the Basel Fair, or in this case, at the second fair location at Zurich, according to Winnie Kwan, Marketing Manager of the Hong Kong enterprise. These new models are intended for trendy women aged 18 to 35 years old and will make up part of the brand's collections at the international fair.

“Our focus is fashion and also good quality. We use stainless cases and Japanese movements,” states Kwan. Each new model will be presented in four or five different versions with prices ranging between US$80 and US$150.

The tireless Marketing Manager is not very happy to be in Zurich because it means making many trips between that city and Basel to visit their clients. “The fair is a tradition. For us, it's the opportunity to meet our customers even if we don't have direct commercial dealings,” she adds.

In any case, arrangements for the fair have been carefully prepared. A first shipment of elements for the stand was sent out in February with the watches being sent by air in March. In Switzerland, the advertising campaign for FX Creations has been carefully planned and executed. Ads are at the entrance to the fair as well as in the tramways in Zurich. In addition, Crystal Electronic has left nothing to chance and is including many promotional gifts such as attractive sunglasses from the FX Creations line.

In the panorama of Hong Kong watch brands, FX Creations occupies a solid position thanks to its strong and rigorous marketing policies. The brand also makes accessories and luggage but its watches are sold primarily in retail stores specializing in watches, according to Kwan. Very few of the models are sold in FX Creations' own boutiques since the brand considers it better for the buyer to have a choice of various brands. FX Creations is enjoying growing success in Japan, as well as in Germany and Spain. It is also present in nearly all the countries of the Middle East.