Clyda: Classic and modern

April 2003

The French brand specializing in ladies' watches enjoyed strong growth in Asian markets in 2002. Its goal now is to become the Number One brand in Europe for jewellery timepieces.

Clyda clearly claims to be a Parisian watch. Produced by the independent company, WTC, whose headquarters are in the French capital, it proudly displays the name of Paris on its logo, and positions itself in the jewellery watch market. With some 2.5 million watches sold in France during the 1990s, the brand also enjoys a good export market. Clyda is currently present in 52 countries around the world and is proud of its excellent results.

Partnership with City Chain
“In 2002, we registered strong growth in Asia,” explains Laurence Spitz, Public Relations Director for the brand. “We owe this mainly to our partnership with City Chain, the largest watch store chain in Asia.” Introduced a few months ago, the HOOO4 model is part of the brand's success in this region. Set with synthetic stones on the dial and on the bracelet, it is currently the flagship watch of the French firm.

Developing in Europe and the Middle East
Clyda was founded in 1932 in Charquemont, in the watch basin of the Haut-Doubs region of France near the Swiss border, where the brand still maintains its workshops. Building on its good results in Asia, the brand is going to Basel this year with the firm intention of making its entrance into other 'potential' markets in Asia, such as Japan and Korea, and to continue its development in Europe and the Middle East.

Three watch lines
Clyda features watches that are elegant and both classic and modern at the same time. “It targets active women, but also adolescents who want to appear older, as well as older women,” explains Spitz. “It is a fashion product but with classic appeal.” The brand has three collections: 'Parisian' is intended for the active and modern woman, 'Essentials' is more traditional in nature, while 'Eternal' stands out with its strong identity and sparkling stones.

Reasonable folly
Clyda also enjoyed positive results in 2002 in France with a small market share increase. The brand thus succeeded in developing its exports, while at the same time increased its presence on the French market, known for the fierce competition among the many brands present.
Clyda also does not hide its ambitions. It wants to be “the European leader of the jewellery watch.” To reach this goal, it intends to attract women primarily with the beauty of the product rather than solely with the brand name. It also wants to bring them over to its side with timepieces that are affordably priced, offering them a sort of “reasonable folly”. Prices range from 120 to 169 euros for the 'Eternal' line, the most expensive, while 'Parisian' pieces are situated between 79.90 and 120 euros. 'Essentials' is the entry-level line with prices from 59.90 to 79.90 euros.
Another plus for the brand is that it offers after-sales service capable of dealing with 80,000 watches per year, something that is very reassuring to a potential buyer. Lastly, during the Basel Fair, the brand is proposing a new licensed product, Ted Lapidus timepieces.