Raymond Weil’s new initiative – the creation of the RW Club

February 2007


The most recent evolutions of the Internet all tend to favour interactivity, thus increasing, sometimes by a factor of ten, the creation of online communities, networking, discussion groups, and forums. It is the advent of what the communi-cation gurus call the ‘Web2’.
“For more than a year now,” explains Pierre Bernheim, who is head of the RW Club project, “we have been thinking about how to not only directly address our clients and Raymond Weil consumers, but also how to have them participate, in such a way that creates a community around the Raymond Weil brand. It was all about moving past the simple window display of a traditional watch site, and going beyond it to share our values, our spirit, with the web user. Thus, the idea of the RW Club was born, and its official launch just took place this fall.”
For Olivier Bernheim, President and CEO of the brand, “the creation of the RW Club represented a dreamed-of opportunity to share our longtime philosophy and passion for the arts: music – each of our models is named after a musical theme – as well as the plastic arts, photography, and travel. To join the RW Club is to share this universe.”
Each Internet user can thus join the RW Club and navigate through its various ‘lounges’. For those who already own a Raymond Weil watch, they can become VIP members, which will give them access to additional benefits.
So, what is there to discover inside the lounges of the RW Club?


The RW Cultural Calendar, in partnership with The Art Newspaper, presents a very complex and very useful global cultural calendar, and also gives the viewer a preferential rate when subscribing to this reference publication.
Also within the Culture Lounge, the Music Room, in partnership with Sony, opens onto a musical world, closely tied to Raymond Weil. It offers the possibility of listening to extracts from opera, to download pieces of music and to order musical compilations that are updated two times a year.

THE TIME LOUNGE offers previews of watches, provides a forum for Internet users, and gives VIP members the opportunity to acquire Raymond Weil special limited edition timepieces.

RW TALENTS is a platform allowing promising artists to present their work. The first event, currently taking place, is a photographic competition open to everyone, on a global scale. A plethora of prizes will be awarded both by a panel of recognized experts and by Internet users themselves.
CLUB EVENTS, in partnership with Lufthansa, invites Internet users to participate in a whole series of events organ-ized by the brand during the year as well as competitions with very interesting prizes in the form of vacations and travel.

THE VIP LOUNGE is reserved for owners of Raymond Weil watches, who can join by referencing the serial number on their timepiece. This lounge offers various advantages and opportunities, whether in the domain of culture, during special organized events, or in the realm of timekeeping, with the possibility of acquiring and even winning one of a limited series of watches.

This is an interesting and certainly new initiative, one that will permit the brand to create a community and to share with it the Raymond Weil universe. To learn more about the RW Club, just click on the site:

Source: Europa Star December-January 2007 Magazine Issue