CASIO: G-Shock MR-G - G is for Gamechanger

March 2015

For Casio, the new MR-G watch is a gamechanger. In the past,  Casio G-SHOCK watches were designed to be tough, but they were constructed of resin and were relatively inexpensive.
Now, the new MR-G range will completely alter your perception of the G-SHOCK. Not only is it not resin (it features a titanium case and bracelet), it’s the most expensive Casio ever. And, packed with so much advanced technology and so many functions, it’s a real value.

CASIO: G-Shock MR-G - G is for Gamechanger CASIO: G-Shock MR-G - G is for Gamechanger CASIO: G-Shock MR-G - G is for Gamechanger

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With the MR-G line of watches, Casio was out to develop a timepiece that was virtually indestructible.
The designers and engineers at Casio were determined to develop a watch with absolute toughness and precision, and the result is the top of the Casio G-SHOCK range. Incorporating incredible durability and resistance, the MR-G watches also pair the ultimate in precision with Casio’s GPS Hybrid Wavceptor system.
This groundbreaking timekeeping system uses two receptors; the first a GPS satellite signal and the second a terrestrial time-calibration signal reception (radio-controlled Multi-Brand 6). As a result, the watch always receives and displays the correct local time, no matter where you are in the world. With this dual system timekeeping, when you get off the plane in a new country, all you have to do is alert the watch that you are in a new time zone and it automatically determines the right time and synchronizes the main display. Don’t worry, it has a flight mode you can switch off while you are on that plane.

CASIO: G-Shock MR-G - G is for Gamechanger

The GPS antenna has been redesigned and miniaturized, incorporating a new material, alphaGEL (made by Taica Corporation), which offers a higher level of shock absorption.
In addition, the watch has both world time and two time zones displayed on the dial. You can pick a second time zone to be displayed in the subdial at seven o’clock, but there is a separate display for world time (27 cities, and 40 time zones, with daylight savings time function).
“I created the G-SHOCK shock resistant structure, and I also initiated the full-metal G-SHOCK project,” says Casio chief engineer Kikuo Ibe. “My dream was to develop G-SHOCKs to match our customers lifestyles, from casual to formal, and the MR-G certainly fits both casual and formal styles.”

CASIO: G-Shock MR-G - G is for Gamechanger

The MR-G, as the top of the line for Casio G-SHOCK, is loaded with special features that are not found on their normal range of watches.
The first is the proprietary Clad Guard case construction, a new design that protects the watch more completely and also safeguards the new redesigned electronic crown, which controls the world time, alarm, and timer. These features were designed and engineered to function seamlessly, but still look dynamic and classic at the same time.
The MR-G features a titanium case and bracelet, with DLC (Diamond-like Carbon) coating, making it virtually scratch proof. This is the first time a G-SHOCK has been made in metal, which adds to its robust and elegant look.
The bracelet also has a deployant clasp to which Casio has added a sliding lock, so it’s impossible for the bracelet to open accidentally.

CASIO: G-Shock MR-G - G is for Gamechanger

Most of Casio’s watches come with a mineral crystal, but Casio’s MR-G line offers a sapphire crystal with an anti-reflective coating that offers 99% transparency for incredible visibility.
The timepiece is solar powered with power-saving mode, using Casio’s Shadow-Dispersing solar panel, offering the highest efficiency when turning light into power. At the same time, the MR-G line features Casio’s Tough Movement, incorporating automatic hand correction, which means the module checks hourly to see if the hour and minute hands are out of alignment (due to a shock or magnetism, for example) and then re-aligns them.
For visibility in low light conditions, the MR-G has the Super Illuminator LED light, which is exclusive to Casio.
All the displays are analog, making the watch very easy to read and offering a classic, luxurious, yet ultra-tough look.
In addition, the watch offers a 1/20th of a second chronograph, a countdown timer, alarms, a fully automatic calendar, and the watch is water resistant to 200 meters. The MR-G collection is produced on a special production line which allows for more attention to detail and hand finishing processes, like the Sallaz mirror polishing of the case and bracelet, which are done by hand.

The Casio G-SHOCK MR-G is different from any other G-SHOCK Casio has ever made, raising the bar for what was already one of the toughest and most durable watch lines on the market.
“We are targeting the active male who is traveling all around the globe,“ says Shingo Ishizaka, the designer of the MR G-1000. “This watch provides accurate time information anytime and anywhere in the world. At the heart of the G-SHOCK line is functionality and durability, and we applied innovation to make the MR G-1000 even more durable and shock resistant than ever before.”

The MR-G price range starts at 2,300 Euros, and for the customer who is looking for the ultimate in precision and toughness, it’s worth every penny.

CASIO: G-Shock MR-G - G is for Gamechanger CASIO: G-Shock MR-G - G is for Gamechanger

Source: Europa Star February-March 2015 Magazine Issue