ARMILLION - The secret agent’s cuff

June 2016

A few years ago, this would have seemed like science-fiction. Today, cutting edge cuffs produced by the new brand Armillion would make even 007 jealous. These high-tech, exclusive and elegant jewels are meant for men and women alike. A world premiere!

ARMILLION - The secret agent's cuff

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Do you dream of having access to your credit card, your house door and you supercar all at the same time, while wearing an elegant and distinctive cuff? New player Armillion is offering to help you live this “secret agent” inspired lifestyle with its very innovative and exclusive world-class jewellery. Just a few years ago, this would have sounded like science fiction, or you would have thought of it as a special effect in a spy movie. Today, high-tech jewellery has become a reality, and Armillion is the gateway to this new way of life. Believe us when we say that 007 or the Bond girls could get very jealous of you wearing it…

“We provide a unique experience for our members each time they use the Armillion bracelet, whether buying a jeroboam of champagne or a diamond bracelet, or opening their villa with a single gesture,” says Carlos Z. Belsué, CMO of Armillion. Of course, this works for ordering a vodka martini and unlocking an Aston Martin too!

Armillion “All you need is on your wrist”
Armillion “All you need is on your wrist”


Let’s go back to the beginning of this incredible story, when a team of jewellers, engineers, watchmakers and designers gathered to launch this Geneva-based brand. Their goal? “To produce a flawless cuff that features cutting edge technology for financial services and security access.” An Armillion cuff has two main functions: contactless payments and keyless access. “We wanted to embrace another way to use modern technologies, beyond smart watches, for users who enjoy an active lifestyle and treasure exclusive materials and gems,” says Carlos Z. Belsué.

Armillion products were first presented at Baselworld 2016. This was the start of a journey involving multiple events for the most successful and stylish of clients in select cities around the world.

These are wealthy and elegant customers who enjoy an active lifestyle using technology, but want at the same time to do it with the same handcrafted materials they treasure in their favourites watches and accessories. Which means: no batteries needed and waterproof products! What about gender? After all, both women and men can enjoy a secret agent way of life. Hugo Pena, COO of Armillion, confirms: “Our products are created for men and women alike, through a complex production process, that includes luxurious handcrafted materials, and leading edge technology.”

Armillion Exclusive Redgold Dream
Armillion Exclusive Redgold Dream


Armillion uses a secure method provided by leading global payment companies to establish an instant bank account assignation. The company plans to deliver a limited number of pieces (all produced and assembled in Geneva) for their first year.

Selected pieces are embellished with a delicate combination of 70 diamonds. There are two different ways to enjoy a limitless Armillion “secret agent” lifestyle on your wrist: Armillion Exclusive empowers your wrist with a preloaded amount for secure contactless payments and access. It has been created and tailored with different designs and materials, in limited 10 unit editions. Armillion  Unique is the maximum expression of a luxurious, passionate lifestyle, providing for a unique bespoke design and choice of materials and gems. The products will be on the market as of July 2016. Now, the choice is yours.

Armillion will be available to selection of top jewellery boutiques and distributors in a limited choice of cosmopolitan cities around the world. If you wish to become a representative or distributor of the exclusive bangles created by the Swiss brand, please contact [email protected].