SPOTLIGHT - Casio EDIFICE EQB-600 Smartphone Link Series: The World at Your Wrist

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September 2016

SPOTLIGHT - Casio EDIFICE EQB-600 Smartphone Link Series: The World at Your Wrist

The EDIFICE collection is for Casio the place where the most advanced technologies are tried out, experimented with, and implemented. It’s also the place where these technologies merge with bold, strong, and dynamic design – dedicated to performance, readability, ergonomics and reliability. EDIFICE watches have an analogue display, and are cut and fashioned in solid stainless steel. Brimming with cutting-edge technical features, they have an elegant look that’s uncluttered, sober, and sporty all at once. The most recent addition, the EDIFICE EQB-600 Smartphone Link Series, is a perfect example of this philosophy. It can instantaneously display any time, anywhere in the world, with absolute precision.

SPOTLIGHT - Casio EDIFICE EQB-600 Smartphone Link Series: The World at Your Wrist

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From the outside, the new EDIFICE EQB-600 Smartphone Link Series reveals nothing of the amazing technical performance that lies beneath its uncluttered, sober, and highly readable appearance; nonetheless, there’s a hint of great strength. The watch’s powerful presence is as much due to the imposing design of its case and integrated strap as to the sober appearance of its dial, beautiful in its dedication to function. In fact, this beauty and apparent simplicity are the result of an intricate combination of technology and design.

SPOTLIGHT - Casio EDIFICE EQB-600 Smartphone Link Series: The World at Your Wrist

Embedded Bluetooth technology has allowed the Casio designers to focus on the essentials. The EDIFICE EQB-600 Smartphone Link Series may boast some of the most advanced, complete and precise World Time functions, but its uncluttered bezel features none of the usual plethora of city codes. Structured in two layers, one stainless steel and one aluminium, the bezel gives the case a highly distinctive look. Its elegance perfectly highlights the 3D hour markers – combining straight and curved lines, and redolent of strength and sophistication. The gently sloping surfaces of these moulded hour markers add a real sense of depth to the dial. The time zones and day/night status are displayed by means of a hand atop a globe, displayed in the form of a 3D dome. This superb Earth, positioned at 3 o’clock, performs one complete rotation per day, glowing blue or grey (depending on the model), its gentle hue changing depending on the angle of view. The fruit of innumerable tests and trials, this splendid appearance was achieved by polarisation, and makes a powerful contribution to the beauty of the watch, as well as to its obvious functionality. The smooth, eloquent movements of the 3D globe (powered by a high-torque double coil motor) are especially evident when resetting the time zone.

Local time automatically takes into account any winter or summer time changes in each region, and is displayed by the large central hands. A sober inner dial at 7 o’clock indicates home time. The local date appears in a window at 5 o’clock, while at 10 o’clock another marker indicates the local day of the week.

The overall result is a fully-fledged global time management system that is exemplary in terms of both sobriety and readability.


The EDIFICE EQB-600 features a Smartphone Link, making it a truly universal watch. Just the thing for all those who need to be free to interact with the whole world and navigate its time zones with absolute precision. People like the drivers in the Scuderia Torro Rosso team, who are used to juggling with different times of day as they constantly travel the world; Casio Edifice is the team’s official partner.

SPOTLIGHT - Casio EDIFICE EQB-600 Smartphone Link Series: The World at Your Wrist

The EDIFICE EQB-600’s Bluetooth connection, used in conjunction with a smartphone running iOS or Android, is activated simply by pressing a button on the watch; the Bluetooth connection is shown by an indicator at 11 o’clock on the dial. The result is a full-orbed time management system, guaranteeing absolute precision, wherever you are in the world. The “system” is run using a dedicated Casio Watch+ application, to be downloaded onto your smartphone.

Accurate Time System The Casio Watch+ application receives exact UTC time from a dedicated server, and then analyses it according to the geographical positioning of the smartphone, establishing the right time zone, and taking into account whether or not daylight saving time is in place. It then adjusts the watch automatically via Bluetooth.

Automatic Time Adjustment Four times a day, the local time and home time displayed on the watch are automatically checked and, if necessary, adjusted. This operation can also be performed manually when changing time zones, by pressing a button on the watch.

World Time for over 300 cities The Casio Watch+ application can also be used to make the watch show the time anywhere else on the planet. A touch-sensitive globe is displayed on the smartphone screen, accompanied by a list of over 300 cities around the world, covering all the different time zones. The time at the selected point on the globe, or city, is directly displayed on the watch via Bluetooth.

Dual Dial World Time The watch simultaneously displays two times – the time in the place where you are, using the large main hands, and home time, displayed on a small inner dial. Alternatively, if you prefer, the positions of these two times can be swapped.

Phone finder A very handy phone detector triggers a tone on your phone, causing it to ring even if the phone is muted.

SPOTLIGHT - Casio EDIFICE EQB-600 Smartphone Link Series: The World at Your Wrist

Integrated Tough Solar® technology adds the final touch to Edifice connected watches. An invisible solar cell on the dial absorbs the sun’s rays (as well as the energy contained in artificial light), providing the watch with environmentally-friendly power, completely autonomously. This extra solar energy is loaded in a storage battery, building up a reserve that can last up to 24 months. Replacing batteries is now a thing of the past.

Waterproof up to 10 bar (the equivalent of 100 metres), mounted on a robust, hard-wearing and elegant solid stainless steel strap, boasting a tough scratch-resistant mineral glass to protect the watch against unsightly damage, and with hands coated with Neobrite, a particularly effective fluorescent coating, the EDIFICE EQB-600 is a powerful, elegant watch, 51.90 mm long, 47.30 mm wide and 13.30 mm deep.

This new release is destined to become a great classic in the EDIFICE line.

Source: Europa Star 4/16 Autumn 2016 Magazine Issue