TRASER SWISS H3 - P67 Officer Pro Gun Metal “Lime”


March 2017

TRASER SWISS H3 - P67 Officer Pro Gun Metal “Lime”

The P67 Officer Pro Gun Metal “Lime” spectacularly reaffirms the brand’s expertise in the field of self-activated illumination technology and purpose-built functional watches.


eyond fashion and passing trends, Traser Swiss H3 watches are distinguished by their unique ability to assure constant visibility of the time display at a single glance, even in complete darkness and under poor visibility conditions, thanks to the in-house manufactured Trigalight® selfactivated illumination technology.

TRASER SWISS H3 - P67 Officer Pro Gun Metal “Lime”

Adding the Officer Pro Gun Metal Lime to its collection, Traser Swiss H3 continues this tradition in a spectacular way. This watch’s tidily arranged dial provides the most reliably legible time display under all lighting conditions. By combining the 24/7 permanent glow of Trigalight® self-activated illumination with the progressively dimming luminosity of Superluminova, the dial begins an amazing metamorphosis as soon as ambient lighting fades. Entirely coated with lime-colored Superluminova, the watch face offers the perfect stage for 17 Trigalight® self-activated illumination tubes inserted in the hour markers, the hands, and beneath the logo.

TRASER SWISS H3 - P67 Officer Pro Gun Metal “Lime”
Available in five different versions, the P67 Officer Pro Gun Metal is destined to accompany its wearer through the most demanding missions, roughand- tumble sports such as night sailing, camping, fishing, hunting and spontaneous discoveries, adventures – and well-planned journeys that suddenly take unpredictable twists.

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