EMILE CHOURIET Fair Lady model


March 2017

EMILE CHOURIET Fair Lady model

The Emile Chouriet workshops are proud to lend their support to the Prix de Lausanne, an artistic event that the firm feels close to in terms of technical mastery and the lyrical beauty involved.


eotards, tutus and ballet shoes, on the one hand, magnifying glasses, tweezers and watchcase openers on the other: although the tools and forms of creative expression differ, the search for outstanding performance and technical mastery are two points that watchmaking and dance have in common. What’s more, like the Prix de Lausanne, which Emile Chouriet is sponsoring this year, the transmission of knowledge is fundamental to ensuring that the two artistic worlds endure over time.

EMILE CHOURIET Fair Lady model

For the brand based in Meyrin, Switzerland, linking up with the world of ballet goes far beyond a simple partnership or an association of logos. The aim is to help train young dancers, to give them the tools they need and to see them progress, improve their technique and self-confidence, like Emile Chouriet does in its workshops with young watchmakers who come to learn the profession.

A radiant face extending to a strap rippling like the supple body of a dancer, the Alchimie model is available in a trio of festive, but soft colours: silver, champagne and plum. The hours, minutes and seconds displayed in the centre are driven by the EC5318 calibre, the first automatic movement made by Emile Chouriet.

EMILE CHOURIET Fair Lady model
Like a ballerina gliding through the air with her flower-shaped, immaculate tulle tutu, the Fair Lady model casts faceted petals and the rainbow effect of a white lotus across the watch face. Two blue openwork leafshaped hands and a fine second hand dance above twelve little diamonds to mark the passing of time. The small 28mm case is paved with precious stones and contains the EC5316 calibre, a self-winding mechanism.

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