ANTHONY BONJA Princess and Space Watch


March 2017

ANTHONY BONJA Princess and Space Watch

For more than 40 years now, Anthony Bonja has continued to astonish the world with breathtaking new designs of watches and unique pieces of jewellery.


ince 1974, more than 150 watches have been created to amaze the eyes of the clientele and to embrace the distinctive world of luxury timepieces. When every single art creation is driven by passion and inspired by the power of time and professionalism, it always attracts collectors and amateurs from all over the world to appreciate the value of each item.


Based in Lebanon, Anthony Bonja embarked three years ago upon the creation of his new art invention in collaboration with the international jewellery expert Aaron Shum known for his “Coronet” line. The result of this partnership was crowned a “Princess” to stand proudly among all watches, set with an 18 karat white gold coronet that holds seven diamonds rotating in harmony with time under the crown of luxury. A not-tobe- missed watch that shines with elegance to match the strong character of a real princess.


The new ‘Space’ watch blends unique proficiency and high end composition in the mastery of a major watch production for 2017. Benefiting from decades of expertise, feminine and masculine ‘Space’ watches come together to present complexity and elegance along with the finest luxury and class. While the masculine watch beats with your heart and takes you to the horizon, the feminine version makes a women curl in circles of bright diamonds.

ANTHONY BONJA Princess and Space Watch
• Model: TC756 Coronet |Movement: Ronda 1032 | Nr of diamonds: 258 (including 7 pcs coronet diamond on dial) Case: SS 316L/18k gold bezel | Also available in stainless steel
• Automatic: SA.3 | Model: World time | Movement: Sellita SW200 |Nr of diamonds: 164 Case: SS 316L/18K gold | Also available in stainless steel
• Model: World time Space Quartz SQ.3 | Movement: Ronda 7004.N | Nr of diamonds: 219 Case: SS 316L/18K gold | Also available in stainless steel

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