TAN - Watchmaking Ateliers

March 2017

TAN - Watchmaking Ateliers

Innovative approach to face Swissness regulations, customisable watches production programs and strict quality tests are the keys to escape from any crisis, according to TAN SA.


ith a strong experience in watchmaking, TAN SA has gained during decades a widespread reputation as one of the leading private label producers and assemblers in Ticino, especially dealing with the realization and development of new models and collections for prestigious watch and fashion brands.

The expertise and deep know-how are palpable from the very first moment you step into the company offices. The fascinating contrast in the production site between the old-timey technicians’ savoir-faire and the most advanced production and control technologies that surrounds them, in a maniacally clean environment, gives you the feeling of being inside a tomorrow’s atelier.

TAN - Watchmaking Ateliers

All this, combined with flexible dimensions compared to competitors, enables TAN SA to stand out of the crowd giving its clients a service able to fulfil the most critical needs. Due to the currently difficult market situation, the company management decided to focus their efforts on three different points in order to stay strong:


Swiss Made watches are well known as the ultimate timepieces you can find on the market. Their precious movements, quality and design have always been considered the best in the field and nowadays some models are even becoming true investments. The brands and producers who want to put this label on their watches have to undergo stricter regulations from 2017, imposed in order to protect this Swiss heritage.

TAN SA management’s final goal is not the fulfilment of these new regulations themselves. This is just the means to produce higher quality watches compared to the past. The way to achieve this result without a strong increase in prices is to exploit the best every country can offer giving to each component the right value. Swiss movements and cases are of course considered the best ones.

However, different countries have specialised in other sectors, giving the chance to buy outstanding components at reasonable prices compared to Switzerland. Italian straps, Japanese ceramic, Russian stones are among the best you can find worldwide and permit to save money that can be reinvested in movements, cases, glasses and all the items coming from Switzerland because of their higher quality. This approach allows to fulfil the new regulations, deliver to the client high-end timepieces and keep the prices down thanks to a reallocation of the budget.


As a new service, TAN SA has started giving its clients the possibility to choose a tailor-made program based on customisable watch projects. In a society where exclusivity and uniqueness are becoming more and more attractive among the watch enthusiasts, the company decided to reserve part of its workload to take care of the developing and production of watches with unique specifications, directly demanded by the final costumer and ready to be shipped in few days.

TAN - Watchmaking Ateliers


Whether you just need the assembly service, or you put the company in charge of the whole project development, the production process delivers to the client high quality products thanks to the strict standard procedures introduced during the years.

It is always possible for the client to ask for specific controls and tests. However, there are a number of compulsory procedures that guarantee top quality products and allowed TAN SA to gain a reputation as one of the leading and most reliable watch manufacturers in its region. At least one water resistance test is made on 100% of timepieces assembled, while mechanical movement rate accuracy has to be tested (at least) with parameters provided by movement producers. Quality Control is made on components before production, on 100% of watch heads after casing and on 100% of complete watches before packaging. This ensures high quality levels impossible to be reached if some of these procedures are missing.


Quality Control • On incoming components
• On 100% of the watch heads before casing
• On 100% of the complete watches before packaging
Water Resistance test
• On 100% of the watches (at least one test)

Rate Accuracy control
• On 100% of mechanical watches (at least with parameters provided by movement producers)

These no compromises concerning quality, strong flexibility in adapting to clients’ needs with new tailormade programs and innovative approach in the development of new projects, always managing to achieve the best possible result, make TAN SA one of the landmarks in the watchmaking industry

TAN - Watchmaking Ateliers
A product of the Tailor-Made Program available from this year at TAN SA

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