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November 2013

These jewellery watches, inspired by the Coromandel lacquered panels cherished by Gabrielle Chanel, faithfully echo their splendid motifs. These motifs are reproduced in miniature enamel, by Anita Porchet, a highly renowned independent Swiss enamel artist. On a base that is a deep black enamel with shimmering blue reflections, the paint (composed of brushed enamel mixed with oil) is applied with a brush in meticulous individual touches, in order to depict the scene in all its smallest details.

As the various layers are applied and the firing operations are performed, the colours gradually reveal their subtle nuances and compose an aesthetically harmonious overall effect. Each creation is made even more unique by the hand engraving work performed prior to enamelling the dial. The artisan uses a hand graver to make a light engraving suited to the motif and which will subsequently endow the décor with extreme refinement and distinctive vibrancy. According to snow setting techniques, diamonds of varying diameters are randomly positioned next to each other until they entirely cover the gold surface beneath. Each jewellery watch features a different number of stones set on the bezel, ranging from around 600 to 650.

Source: Europa Star October - November 2013 Magazine Issue