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February 2014

What is a long-standing tradition for Audemars Piguet is now continued in the new Millenary Minute Repeater in pink gold : an exceptional, hand-wound wristwatch with an oval case and three-dimensional architecture that complements a sophisticated movement featuring the brand’s own escapement, double balance spring, striking mechanism and gongs.
Furthermore, the repeater mechanism’s winding system has been purpose built for this watch, with the sliding trigger at 9 o’clock as usual, but the striking barrel at 2 o’clock.

Its distinctively shaped case and enamel subdials beg closer inspection of the remarkable mechanism ticking within, regulated by Audemars Piguet’s proprietary ‘AP Escapement’. Inspired by the work of French, 18th century clockmaker Robert Robin, the assembly combines the high efficiency of a direct-impulse escapement with the reliability of a traditional, Swiss lever escapement, while eliminating the need to lubricate the pallet stones.

What’s more, the escapement’s regulating organ is composed not just of one balance spring, but of two placed top to tail. This flat, opposite-facing double spring system ensures automatic compensation for potential poising flaws and eliminates the need for the ‘overcoil’ terminal curves.

All in all, the double balance spring arrangement, combined with the single impulse mode of action on the balance wheel ensure reduced perturbation to the regulating organ and therefore more efficiency and precision.