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April 2015

As always, the independent ArtyA brand never does things in half measures. Having popularised the skull in the watchmaking world, it now delivers an extreme interpretation of this motif with its Skulls & Bones model.

The entirely hand-sculpted skulls stud the watch from dial through case to bracelet. A first skull appears in the centre of the dial, with six further hand-sculpted skulls performing a macabre dance around it. Carved into the steel bezel, a series of bones, crosses, totems, guitars and pistols echo the skulls on the bezel, accentuating the three-dimensional effect.

The massive, deliberately provocative bracelet shatters convention and takes the Skulls & Bones into an unprecedented creative dimension, since there can no longer be any talk of a watch and its bracelet. The watch is the bracelet and the bracelet is the watch.

Mechanical automatic movement, oscillating weight equipped with three special 38 mm bullet cartridges, 42-hour power reserve. 316L steel 47 mm case. Silver bracelet/strap with handcrafted skulls.