SURYA SOLAR DEITY by Frédéric Jouvenot

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May 2015

Frédéric Jouvenot has achieved a world first: the only watch ever created to show the time not with hands, figures or discs, but with twelve jumping petals! As radiant as the Indian sun god that inspires it, the Surya watch has two faces corresponding to the cycles of day and night.

At midday all its petals shine a luminous green, one by one turning black as the hours pass. At midnight all the petals become dark, and reflect their light back into the night sky, before commencing another 24-hour cycle. At the same time, the minutes continue to tick by in the centre of the dial, where they are indicated by a rotating disc. It took two years to perfect the mechanical movement and the three-dimensional setting of the gems on the dial. Automatic mechanical movement.

Patented hour display with 12 three-dimensional jumping petals. White gold case, bezel set with 54 diamonds (2.15 ct). Limited edition of 88 pieces with green tsavorite and 88 with pink sapphires.

Source: Europa Star March 2015 Magazine Issue